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How to invite guests to your networking meeting

An easy approach to invite guests to your networking meeting.

Inviting guests to an event you’re attending is a good way to enhance your interaction with them and build credibility. If you use the meetings correctly – invite guests and spend a little time after the meeting talking with suitable guests, you’ll expand your business network and referral circle (whether guests join your group or not).

Successfully inviting guests is about mindset
  • Think of a member in the group who they could do business with and use that in the invite 
  • With plenty of lead time, call or write each prospective source to invite him or her to the event; explain the reason for the invitation.
  • You’re not inviting them to “a networking event/meeting” – you’re inviting them to meet the Solicitor or the Surveyor or the “….” in the group as the have synergy and you’d like to introduce them.
  • It’s OK to invite people you do not expect to attend. Remember, one of your aims is to keep your sources informed of what you are doing.
  • Make it a planned after-thought

So it might go like this:
Hello John, I’ve been thinking since we spoke/met the other day, that you must have quite a lot in common with … the accountants, and I work quite closely with him and I’d like to introduce you to, would that be of interest?
John: Yes
Great, I’m meeting him at my business group next Friday for breakfast, does that work or would the 2nd suit you better?
Job done – who could refuse that! Those who simply show up at the meeting, don’t bring guests, or spend time meeting guests, miss out on a key opportunity to build their community network and referral circle.

Having guests each week adds a freshness and newness to each meeting. Finally, more group referrals. The last reason is probably the most obvious, the larger the group, the larger the group’s circle of influence, the more opportunities and connections.
Lorna Burroughes

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