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Engage don’t broadcast!

Conversation or presentation?

The Thrive business showcase is to enable members to paint a clear picture of who they need to meet and why and to trigger referrals as a result.

By leading this towards conversation by engaging and not broadcasting also changes the emphasis from referral generation to developing connections for growth by the Thrive ethos of Know, Like and Trust. By to getting to know members better is no bad thing, as once people get to know each other better the rest follows quite naturally.

  • You build much stronger relationships through conversation and, as a result, people want to know more about each other.
  • They will ask questions and learn more than sitting passively through a presentation.
  • It also tends to ward off those who are networking hunters and is of greater attraction to networking farmers.
  • The bond between members is that much stronger.

My thoughts are that rather than presenting and not broadcasting

  • People will listen harder
  • Engage more
  • Be more likely to take action
  • Ask questions and challenge existing thoughts so that people sit up, pay attention
  • and seek you out afterwards to ask you questions and engage in you conversation

Lorna Burroughes

Thrive developing connections for growth

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Networking puts you in the position to connect with people with whom you want to do business and allows you to gain and grow good business relationships from the beginning. Networking isn’t just about making contacts and connections, it’s about making the right ones. Thrive is a forwarding thinking group of like-minded people who appreciate staying connected and helping each other.