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Fast tracking those business opportunities


The reason we become members of Thrive is for referrals—for a personal introduction to those with whom we want to do business. As members of Thrive we subscribe to the know like and trust ethos. 

Thrive is structured to develop 1-2-1 appointments following each meeting, tofast-track business opportunities. The 1-21-1 meetings are there to build credibility as well as deepen our understanding of the products and services that a fellow member offers, so it is essential that we understand our fellow members’ businesses at a deeper level.

Here are four things to jump-startyour 1-2-1’s—so you get all the information you need to make a referral:
What to Look For: Know and identify the signs of a good prospect.

What to Listen For: What they do and what they sell, which area they are targeting,this includes the type of potential customers, the kind of pain or issue they might be experiencing.

Who the Ideal Prospect Is: We should also know what someone’s ideal prospect looks like.

What to Say to the Prospect: How you can make the link for that person, you need to be clear on what to say to a prospect when we want to make a referral. When you spot that opportunity you have the knowledge to make the link.

All of this information will help get the referral to the next step.
Thive Networking Norfolk and Suffollk


Networking puts you in the position to connect with people with whom you want to do business and allows you to gain and grow good business relationships from the beginning. Networking isn’t just about making contacts and connections, it’s about making the right ones. Thrive is a forwarding thinking group of like-minded people who appreciate staying connected and helping each other.