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Networking can you hack it?

The way of networking is changing – we have to change and to modernise, but do not discount the face-to-face method, as nothing can supersede in-person networking, it is this that creates a fundamental personal relationship.


So okay networking is about relationships and so it is essential for any entrepreneur, from the new start-ups, to well-established business people, to make personal contact with each other. It’s by having and making these good connections that makes growing your business so much easier and these good connections will breed more good connections.  There is no secret art of networking, it starts with a simple conversation, it’s about discovering what you can do for someone else,  from talking with a stranger to a more in-depth conversation, it is this that builds rapport and trust. So, in the end, it all comes down to talking to people and then going on to sharing your ideas and problems with those you trust.


Good businesses/people recognise the benefits of meeting regularly and building up the trust to help their fellow group members on to their own pool of business contacts by introducing, informing and helping people. It’s good karma. You must be prudent, but authentic and genuine.

For your own well-being and the health of your business, you need to be out and about, meeting people and developing relationships by investing in close, purposeful relationships with good people but to choose these people wisely.  Soon you’ll discover that you have found some great business relationships but more importantly, some great friends and it all starts with a simple conversation.


Lorna Burroughes

Thrive – Developing connections for growth


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Networking puts you in the position to connect with people with whom you want to do business and allows you to gain and grow good business relationships from the beginning. Networking isn’t just about making contacts and connections, it’s about making the right ones. Thrive is a forwarding thinking group of like-minded people who appreciate staying connected and helping each other.