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It’s never too early to begin honing your craft

Technology entrepreneur Rob Wiseman laid the foundations of his business back in the 1980s thanks to a love of computers. The world of IT never stands still, but Rob’s always been one step ahead of the game. That’s why he reckons there’s not an IT solution that he can’t find his customers. Here he talks technology, innovation and why his other passion is performing music.

Hi Rob, can you give us your business pitch?

That’s tricky because it changes every week! I do everything and anything connected to IT. If I were to describe what I’d done in the past two weeks, it’d be completely different from the two weeks before that. So it’s hard to narrow down!

Is it true that you were very young when you got into computers?

Yes, I started breaking and fixing my PC when I was 11. I’ve just always found it very easy to problem solve like that. I’ve got a very logical brain, and I’m quite creative. A lot of people don’t realise how creative IT people are!

We all know how fast technology develops. Is it hard to keep up?

It can be, but that’s simply because the infrastructure isn’t here in Norwich yet. We are on top of the all the latest technology, and we try to market the most up-to-date services but the majority of the time, that’s not needed. I make sure my team are all trained on the latest thing, but most people want something much older.

Do you find it exciting to be in such a fast-moving industry?

It is exciting, but there is a lot of red tape. I know that big corporations are blocking certain technologies. They could release all of their latest innovations in one go, but instead they release them a bit at a time to maximise their profit. I don’t just mean Apple either; it happens in all the main tech companies.

How did you find out about Thrive?

It was through Lorna and a networking group she used to run. I’d done lots of networking in the past, but I like the environment at Thrive. There is no pressure, and you can be yourself. That’s great for me because I’m not one of those people who likes to dress up and parade around in a suit.

How would other members of your Thrive group describe you?

They probably think I’m a bit enigmatic! That’s why my company name is Enigma IT. But seriously, I think they find me quite knowledgable in what I do. I’d say I’ve helped 95% of the people there in one way or another. So they trust me and can be confident that I know what I am talking about.

If you could make a splash in another area, what would it be?

Funnily enough, I could have had a career in music. I played the organ when I was younger and did all my grades, and I also did music technology at college. But I ended up going into IT instead. There were about four years where I didn’t play at all but then I started playing the piano and I do that in my spare time. I actually find it quite stressful when I am learning new pieces. I am currently learning Flight Of The Bumblebee and it’s really difficult. I can’t play it yet, but I reckon I will, eventually!

Thrive Face Of The Fortnight

Rob Wiseman, director, Enigma IT

Kate White – Front Page Media

Networking puts you in the position to connect with people with whom you want to do business and allows you to gain and grow good business relationships from the beginning. Networking isn’t just about making contacts and connections, it’s about making the right ones. Thrive is a forwarding thinking group of like-minded people who appreciate staying connected and helping each other.