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LinkedIn Pulse an under-appreciated gem!

Why publish on LinkedIn Pulse?

Most of us don’t have time to tweet, post or publish from every available platform with any level of frequency or quality. LinkedIn reaches more than 364 million professionals worldwide, with the focus being on the professional life, this is what differentiates it from Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms. B2B marketers rate LinkedIn the top social media for delivering B2B content and most effective for generating leads.

What is LinkedIn Pulse? These are thought leadership blogs or insights and as LinkedIn pulse is still relatively new and not too crowded, I believe makes it worth exploring further. LinkedIn posts are one of the best sources for getting you seen and for warm leads by business connections on the entire LinkedIn platform.  It’s an easy way for those who already write insightful newsletters blogs and content, to spread their this to a wider audience than their own database and an ideal way to leverage content.   

With “content marketing” being a relatively easy marketing tool to acquire and retain customers, LinkedIn Pulse gives you a credible place to share content that gets attention.  You have a ready built-in audience that will potentially see and share any new articles you post on a leading business publishing platform.  The feature “Pulse”  has been enabled on all UK accounts since January 2015.


Any posts you publish on LinkedIn are tied to your professional profile and show up near the top of your profile. This means your posts are showcased when someone views your LinkedIn profile.

Pulse gives you access to business connections who are influential people and the main decision-makers, this puts you and your brand subtly in the spotlight.  

Pulse increases search engine visibility, adding backlinks make it possible to get people back to your website, where you really want them.

Fact 40% of LinkedIn members check in daily, these people are not using LinkedIn to entertain themselves or to kill time as with other social networks, they are actively looking to make connections, enhance or improve their knowledge, learn more from their industry, or they are looking for openings to engage with like-minded business people.

Before you start posting, have a plan in place and deliver compelling, quality content that is valuable and useful to your target audience.

  • Create valuable, attractive content
  • Be authentic and genuine
  • What content is most useful for your audience?
  • What areas do you have experience and/or expertise
  • Be appropriate for the LinkedIn audience

Don’t sell although there’s no formal editorial process, LinkedIn makes it clear that sales-oriented content won’t be allowed.

Experts tell us to

  • Include a photo/image
  • Not to shy away from expressing your opinion
  • Not to post anything unprofessional, shocking, obscene or otherwise
  • Keep it precise and clear. One blogger has noted that of the top 1,000 posts on LinkedIn, more than 70% are shorter than 1,000 words long.
  • Don’t forgot to add relevant tags at the end of the post

Keep your existing blogs or newsletters on your website or elsewhere as you don’t own your LinkedIn presence or the content associated with it, it’s a place to showcase your existing professional content.  I publish the original thoughts to my own blog first, then publishing it to my LinkedIn profile. You can vary the two posts a bit, perhaps write your blog post to your specific audience or niche, and when you publish it to LinkedIn, change it to appeal to a broader audience.


Schedule your posts when the average professional is likely to read your posts

Add a footer

Make sure you add at the bottom of your post more information about you and what you do and backlink to your website

You are writing for two different audiences on LinkedIn. Firstly and I consider for me the most important audience is the is the actual professionals who will actually read my posts, the other audience is the actual algorithm that reads, grades and groups and decides where to send posts and whether or not to feature them on channels, which is only important if you want your posts to reach a large global audience.

With all this in mind, the bottom line remains the same: You need to be publishing on LinkedIn!

Lorna Burroughes

Thrive – developing connections for growth

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