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A beer for Christmas

This beer is special and not for every day. It is considered one of the rarest beers, because it is only brewed on one day of the year and it is strong, only 14%. 

It is brewed on the 6th of December (St Nicholas night by Brauerei Schloss Eggenberg, Austria) It is then stored for 10 months in the cellars before bottling. As with any beer over 8% it can be cellared and will become more and more complex with a creamy warm finish.


For the beer enthusiast it is a Doublebock and can in some cases be referred to as a lager. The original brewery Feldschlösschen-Hürlimann, Switzerland had spent years researching yeast and developing them so they can naturally produce the strongest beers. This they achieved in 1980, they then brewed it for a few years. When they stopped the complaints were too many (power of the customer) and it is now brewed under licence by Eggenberg.

So what should it be served with, this is a beer to end with, desserts, particularly chocolates, mince pie, Christmas cake, Stilton but my favourite, Vanilla ice cream!

Do not think of it as a beer, treat it as a fine wine or sherry and serve it chilled in a stemmed glass. Allow it warm gently as you relax in front of the fire and feel those flavours change with each gentle sip.

Cheryl Cade

Thirst Consultants

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