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Make your branding work for you – not against you!

Lee Turner, creative director at design agency The Creative Armoury gives us a quick masterclass on how to make your brand deliver the right results.

Prepare to stand out

“For any business, a strong identity should serve as an iconic shorthand, clearly conveying, with an appropriate level of gravitas your key point of difference in the marketplace,” says Lee. “Your logo and your brand expression should be a distillation of what your company stands for and why you are different. By channelling these values, you can begin to communicate in a truly relevant way.”


Get a fresh perspective

“When we start working with a client, we first help them to take an introspective journey,” adds Lee. “We examine where they are in the marketplace, their core values and what they want to achieve in the future. Looking at your brand in this way can help you realise and often re-discover what your core values are – and then play to those strengths.”

Deliver the right message

“Once we’ve been through that exercise, the client should have identified the three core values of their business, and can apply those to the branding,” continues Lee. “As designers, we tend to pick one or even a fusion of those and bring them to the forefront, making it the hero of the brand.”

Evolution vs Revolution

“It’s amazing that some companies don’t realise what they’ve got, adds Lee. “With businesses that have been around a long time, we look at the heritage value and help identify the key equities that we believe are sacrosanct from a brand perspective. For start-ups, we’ve got to be bold in a meaningful and often disruptive way from the off because their branding needs to work harder than that of established businesses.”

Keeping it real

“It’s easy to be waylaid by what’s trendy, but we like to build brands that will last,” explains Lee. “With over 20 years’ experience, we’ve seen what works and what doesn’t work for a range of different business. Our goal is to give our clients the benefit of that wisdom because the best brands connect with the audience and are memorable. If someone walks away following an experience with a brand, taking something with them and feeling connected to your business, we’ve done our job. We want to help create timeless brands that we can all be proud of.”

Written by  Kate White Front Page Media

Lee Turner, creative director at design agency The Creative Armoury is a member of Thrive’s  Tuesday breakfast group.  If you want to keep up to date with networking hints and tips or would like to find out more about how to make business connections and networking in Norwich and Norfolk, please email or ring us on 01603 597727

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