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Tips for networking at large events and exhibitions

Most people will tell you they attend a professional event to network, yet most people don’t know how to do it effectively.

So here’s my top tips on how to survive.

Tip 1: Go solo, even if you’re attending with a friend or co-worker, make it your business to break away, remember you are there to netWORK.

Tip 2: Do your research, don’t leave everything to chance and hope to bump into the right person, do your homework so you know who you want to meet. 

Tip 3:  Expect nothing, keep things friendly and respectful, make introductions and connections for others.

Tip 4: Try to find common ground with people who are genuinely interesting to you and spend some time getting to know them, once you’ve broken the ice, it’s easy.

Tip 5: Ask questions, people are generally delighted to make conversation and find out more about you and vice-versa and this follows on to…

Tip 6: … don’t be a bore, the person you are speaking to also is there to make connections.

Tip 7: Put your phone away, don’t use your phone as a security blanket, remember that this is the time that you’ve invested into getting to know others and make business connections.

Tip 8: Everyone was probably once uncomfortable as you, just because it’s in a business environment talking about business matters doesn’t mean you can’t talk about things other than business.

Tip 9: Focus on quality, not quantity. It’s better to have a handful of deeper conversations at an event than it is to quickly introduce yourself to a hundred people.

Tip 10: Don’t think that everyone is a competitor, think outside the box perhaps there’s an opportunity to form a strategic alliance, remember networking is a two-way street.

Tip 11: Be yourself, don’t be overly confident or pushy, be genuine, you’ll find that the conversation flows more naturally.

Top Tip 12: Practice makes perfect!

People buy from people, they know like and trust and finally – remember that you haven’t gone networking to buy and most people don’t like being sold to.

Lorna Burroughes

Thrive – developing connections for growth

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Networking puts you in the position to connect with people with whom you want to do business and allows you to gain and grow good business relationships from the beginning. Networking isn’t just about making contacts and connections, it’s about making the right ones. Thrive is a forwarding thinking group of like-minded people who appreciate staying connected and helping each other.