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Fund your dream life

He may be a man who deals with facts and figures all day, but for Antony, his work is underpinned by a bigger vision – to help people achieve their dreams. Everyone’s dream is different, but Antony’s role is consistent: he’s going to be the one to devise a strategy to make these later life aspirations happen.

“When I joined the financial planning industry, I knew I wanted to do things differently,” says Antony, who is in the Thrive Friday breakfast group. “So I came up with an innovative way of growing people’s personal pension funds – by doing a three-month check instead of the standard yearly check. This strategy has got great results and there’s nothing better than being able to tell my clients that they are on track for a great retirement.”

Of course, one thing that’s worth checking in addition to the personal pensions is where you stand in terms of the state pension contributions we are all required to make.

“We offer a free service where we’ll find out exactly how many years of state pension contributions you’ve made and if there is anything you need to do to bump that up,” says Antony. “It’s worth knowing how that foundation is looking before you start building upon it with other strategies. We’re happy for anyone to give us a call for help.”

Antony Moyes  works every day to devise strategies to fund his clients’ dream lives at Moyes Investments.

Words by Kate White –  Front Page Media

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