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Are you responsive? You should be!

We all know that if you want to succeed in the digital age you’ve got to have a website that showcases what you do. But looking good is only the start of the process. Norwich Thrive member Tracy Martin from it’s eeze websites says that it’s not just having the right content and images that’s important, being responsive is crucial too.

In her talk about mobile responsive websites and why you need one right now, Tracy explained to our Friday breakfast group how customers and their buying habits are changing. Often your potential client will be looking for a service while scrolling through results on their smartphone. So if you want to catch their attention, you need to be keeping up with the demands of technology.

Tracy’s Top Five Tips

1. Launch your website on your mobile browser

Make sure your website loads in less than 3 seconds on a smartphone. If it takes longer, statistics show that 40% of people will abandon it. A mobile friendly site is a business no-brainer as a Google survey showed that 67% of mobile users are more likely to buy from a responsive website.

2. Check your site is responsive

Your responsive website will work across all devices – whether you are browsing on a smartphone, a tablet, laptop or desktop computer. You won’t need to pinch or scroll horizontally to see all the content because the design switches to display in a user friendly way across these different devices.

3. Google yourself In the UK the number one search engine is Google. All businesses want to be on the first page in Google and will do what they can to push themselves up the tech giant’s ranking. Google rewards responsive websites so if yours isn’t built properly, it’s already game over.

4. Put companies to the test There are plenty of businesses offering to build responsive websites for you but be sure that you are picking the right one by checking out the sites they’ve built before. A quick search by Tracy revealed that GoDaddy, for example, were showcasing a site they’d built which had social media icons that were too small to touch and text that was legible on the desktop but shrunk so much that it was illegible on a mobile device.

5. Have a digital health check

Tracy and her colleagues at it’s eeze offer a free health check for your website. This comprehensive report gives you true insight into the performance of your current site, and a chance to find out exactly what needs fixing. Just contact Tracy at to find out more.

Kate White – Front Page Media

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