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About Thrive

So what is Thrive all about?

Thrive networking is about developing connections and growing our circle of influence. For us it is all about people, together we discuss how best to help each other, share contact details and connections, the old saying “people do business with people” comes to mind, we do this because we know that you will do the same for us.

What’s in it for me?

Networking has always been a highly effective marketing tool, by using the Thrive process of developing connections for growth, undoubtedly builds good working relationships.

Build relationships and share expertise!

As a business community we try and help prompt you to find new ideas and tools you need to solve your business problems. We achieve this by pooling and sharing our knowledge and skills.

The Business Spotlight

Every member is given an opportunity to do a quick presentation about their business, tell a story, or let us know something that happened since the last meeting and let Thrive members know how they can help.

Feedback and Update

Each meeting has a feedback and update section, an important part of the meeting. This is where members pass their business contacts or leads to each other, or update referrals they have given, give testimonials and thank you.

The Business Showcase

We feature a 10 minutes spotlight on one member, enabling them to describe their business in more depth, keep front of mind, to make connections or generate referrals for you. This is your chance to show that you are the authority in your sector and to make sure that your network really understands your business as much as possible and in as much depth as they can, or you can use this session to brainstorm current ideas or business issues.

At the beginning and end of each meeting there is an open networking section. Chat to your fellow networkers, get to know them better, let them know more about you and your business or  just have a quick chat to catch up with each other.

Our meetings are structured to give members the maximum opportunity and benefit to build trust and understanding about each others business. Your objective is to ensure that members are confident to refer colleagues to their contacts beyond the group and be able to recognise opportunities for each other.