How Neil’s helping small business owners grow and guarantee it’ll work for you.

It’s a sad fact that many small businesses fail. At Thrive, we’re committed to doing all we can to help sole traders and entrepreneurs build an excellent network of connections and grow organically. But it’s not just potential client connections that count, we’re also lucky to have experts with a wealth of experience among our membership. In our Thrive Friday Breakfast group, Neil Foley – the founder of the Business Growth Club – is happy to share his insights after coaching hundreds of SME owners to success. Now he’s put his knowledge online and is reaching more people than ever before with a new website launched recently. (more…)


In a galaxy far, far away, David is pulling white rabbits out of the hat!

We live in a digital age and those talented people working on the cutting edge of technology are leading the way. In our Thrive community, we often talk about how to use technology to help us work smarter, build our profile online and find innovative ways to speed up our systems and processes. (more…)


Hypnotherapy a very cost-effective way to handle employee stress

Thrive Spotlight: Lorraine Grant, hypnotherapist .

Thrive is a network of professionals from all sorts of jobs but even in our eclectic group, a hypnotherapist is going to stand out. Lorraine tells us that she laughs at comparisons to Derren Brown and Paul McKenna, but that this powerful way of treating patients has been life-changing for her and her patients. Here Lorraine explains why she chose to retrain as a hypnotherapist and that she was born to do this important work.  (more…)


As a group of entrepreneurs and professionals we love to hear about exciting new ideas and innovations.

Thrive spotlight: Hannah Smith, investment analyst, Anglia Captial Group

As a group of entrepreneurs and professionals, the Thrive network loves to hear about exciting new ideas and innovations. (more…)


Five top tips to keep your business finances working for you

Thrive members work in different sectors doing different roles, but one thing we all have in common is the need to be financially savvy. Luckily, at Thrive we have expert accountant Mark Johnstone from Argents to give us his insight into money matters. Here are Mark’s top five tips for keeping your business finances in check. (more…)


Making an event of your business!

At Thrive, it’s always a treat to have member talks that allow us an insight into their working world but also could add value to our own businesses. (more…)