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The Thrive Newsletters

At Thrive we are keen to keep people up to date on what we’ve been doing, what we are doing and what we are planning on doing. We try and do this through our regular newsletters, however if you found us after the last newsletter went out, don’t worry they are now all available for you to read online. If you like the content subscribe to the mailing list.

October 2016 Newsletter October’s newsletter focuses on Thrive members Antony Moyes and Milee Brambleby. Take a look and read about Antony’s aims to fund your dream life and Milee’s top tips for networking.
July 2016 Newsletter July’s newsletter focuses on how to make your branding work, what a networking plan is and how our member’s are Thriving together
May 2016 Newsletter May’s newsletter focuses on Thrive members Sandra Flanagan and Michael Flynn. One talks mental health and wellbeing whilst the other talks intellectual property and patents
February 2016 Newsletter February’s newsletter focuses on Thrive member and expert beer taster Cheryl Cade, find out more about her and The Thirst Consultants. We also discuss networking strategies and how to make the most of them
October 2015 Newsletter October’s newsletter is the people’s newsletter, we’re shining the light on Mark Johnstone, the director of Argents Chartered Accountants and a lynchpin in the Friday morning group. As well as looking at where Robert Wiseman, owner of Enigma IT, began to hone his craft.
July 2015 Newsletter July’s newsletter contains a whole bunch of helpful tips, blogging and networking, a list of social events and interviews with members and new recruits. Read it now and find out what we’ve been up to and what we’re planning for our members (and non-members).
May 2015 Newsletter May’s newsletter focuses on LinkedIn giving you handy tips on how to be useful, successful and popular on the social network. The newsletter is full of links to other blogs about our members or written by our members.
February 2015 Newsletter February’s newsletter focuses on Thrive member Caroline Billings, find out more about her and Hatch Brenner. There’s also some advice on online first impressions as well as links to blogs about giving your website a spring clean.