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Thrive Networking Plans

As a time-strapped businessperson, how do you figure out how to get the best from your networking? Networking takes time, but how does it deliver value exactly? A Thrive networking strategy can help you or your business plan and decide what is best for you or your business.  Get the best from your networking time.

As the verb ‘networking’ suggests, your actions need to have the end goal in mind, so at Thrive we help you use your networking time effectively and productively, together we build a personalised networking plan for you, either as a one-off or something that can be reviewed regularly.

In an age where new marketing methods seem to emerge every day, one basic rule remains the same: people do business with people they know, like and trust, that’s why so many companies include networking in their marketing plans.

  • Revitalise your networking by creating a focused networking plan which identifies your networking needs and interests
  • Identify your specific plans and goals
  • Keep track of what you’ve accomplished
  • Hints and tips on ways to improve your networking skills
  • Review and revise your networking strategy

“Thrive’s networking plans have been a revelation for my marketing. They helped me identify the right connections for me and where those people did their networking. As a result, I’ve not only made some excellent connections with potential clients, but I’ve been able to join forces with another member of Thrive to offer a full package PR service. That wouldn’t have been possible with Lorna and Oliver sitting down with me to do a deep dive into my business and advise me accordingly. The fact they are willing to revisit the plan every few months keeps things relevant and targeted. It’s a huge benefit to me and to my business.”  Kate White Front Page Media

Now it’s time for you to TAKE ACTION.  What is your networking plan?

To do this we first need to:

  • Get to know you and your business
  • Establish your networking and business objectives
  • Identify what activities and connections will help you gain the most from your investment
  • Decide your networking timeline

You can choose for your plan to be reviewed on a rolling 3 months basis. Thrive will then work on measuring:

  • Your effectiveness
  • What you’ve gained from your efforts
  • Your return on investment

Before revisiting and updating:

  • Networking and business objectives
  • Useful activities and connections

Then we provide you with the tools you need to continue achieving your goals and maximise the rewards you and your company are seeking from your investment.

Networking isn’t like reading a financial statement where the return on investment is the overriding concern, Thrive networking is proper networking, where you develop real and authentic relationships and as a result, you get good measurable results from your ‘return on time’.

Companies already benefiting from our networking plans

kate white
The Thirst Consultants

If you would like to find out more about Thrive networking plans and how you can access our skills and expertise without becoming a member of Thrive then call us on 01603 597727 or email us