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In this newsletter we aim to give you an insight into how connecting with other professionals can help your business grow. So Thrive is delighted to announce a new regular networking event - Thrive Connect - which will be held on the third Thursday of every month at Yellows, and a new benefit for Thrive members courtesy of the Norfolk Car Club. Read more about it here.

Network spotlight: Caroline Billings

Solicitor Caroline Billings of Hatch Brenner turned to networking to expand her professional horizons after moving to Norwich. At Thrive's Friday breakfast group she's found a wealth of knowledge and experience in her fellow members.

Caroline Billings

"I think of my Thrive group as my back-up team," says Caroline, who works with private clients on taxes, wills, trusts and power of attorney.

"They are the people I turn to if a client comes in with a question I can't help them with. Just the other day, I was able to connect a client with Andrew, the financial advisor in our group, as he had a mortgage query I couldn't answer.

"It's a way I can give my clients so much extra value, so I consider those connections to be vital.

"Not only that but I love hearing from other members. It's so useful to get a fortnightly insight into what everyone else is thinking. Finding out what the world looks like to them is very good for me.

"Bizarrely, I now like being put on the spot for the 60 second elevator pitch. Doing that and doing it confidently is the biggest buzz for me. I used to find it so difficult and I don't now, so I feel I've conquered it."


Online first impressions - your top tip from the network

'You can't afford to give your customers the wrong first impression, so spring is the perfect time to give your website a polish.

Make sure you are introducing yourself properly, that the information on the site is up-to-date and that the content is engaging. When was the last time you used your own shop, or your own registration process? Go through this like your customer would and ensure everything runs seamlessly. Read more...

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