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Making strong connections is the key to growing your business and that's why Thrive attracts business people of quality. This time we're shining the light on Mark Johnstone, the director of Argents Chartered Accountants and a lynchpin in the Friday morning group.

Network Spotlight: Mark Johnstone

Mark Johnstone

Back in the early days of his career, Mark took a gamble that brought him to Norwich to begin his company.

Now, over two decades later, he's got a hugely successful business and a stellar reputation.

That's because Mark works hard to form strong connections with his clients and to earn their trust.

"You know you have got there with a client when they ring up just to tell you they are thinking about doing something, such as leasing a new car or such like, and they want to sound it out to you first," he tells us. "It's all about building that relationship - and the better I know my clients, the better the advice I can give them is."

At Thrive, Mark is the go-to guy for any financial questions, and he finds that he's picked up some good business along the way.

"I like Thrive because it's not a pushy environment, and that means quality work gets passed around," he tells us. "I got a contract with the Norfolk Business Improvement District, which is a government initiative run by businesses for businesses. It is designed to improve the trading environment and bring more people into the city centre. Through a contact at Thrive, I was able to get in front of the right people to pitch to them, and it is a fixed five-year contract. I wouldn't have got it without Thrive!"

To find out the full story behind Mark's career and why he'd secretly love to be a professional sportsman, click here.

Starting young! - Rob Wiseman

It's never too early to begin honing your craft, according to Rob Wiseman from Enigma IT and a member of Thrive's Friday afternoon group. He reckons his business began in his childhood bedroom.

Rob Wiseman

"I started breaking and fixing my PC when I was 11," says Rob.

"I've just always found it very easy to problem solve like that. I've got a very logical brain, and I'm quite creative. A lot of people don't realise how creative IT people are!"

To find out more about Rob's story, check out our full interview here.

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