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One of the best things about Thrive is how unique and fascinating our members and their businesses are. That's why we're turning our spotlight on beer sommelier Cheryl Cade, who has transformed the way we think about ale.

Network Spotlight: Cheryl Cade, The Thirst Consultants

Mark Johnstone

Last year Cheryl Cade gave up her day job to embark on a business built around her true passion - beer!

Now she and her husband Mark (also a beer sommelier) run The Thirst Consultants, a company committed to celebrating beer and elevating its reputation.

"My particular expertise is in beer and food matching," says Cheryl, who runs tours to Belgium, tastings and talks. "I like to take beer to a higher level and put it on the same standing as a good glass of wine! On mainland Europe and in America, there's a big trend towards looking into the history of these drinks. Given the number of brewers and enthusiasm for beer in Norfolk, the county should be doing better in this area than we are."

As a new business, networking was key to Cheryl getting the word out about her new venture. At Thrive she found plenty of support among her fellow members, many of whom looked to Cheryl to give them Christmas gift ideas.

"I heard the beer went down extremely well on Christmas Day," laughs Cheryl. "I love the relaxed atmosphere of Thrive and the fact Lorna and Ollie are really behind you and your business. They give you lots of inspiration and encouragement, and that's so important when you are starting. Everyone in the group looks for ways to support each other."

To find out more about Cheryl's business - and the time she took a tasting tour in Belgium to try vertical archery - read the full interview.

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But simply arriving and shaking hands is not enough to make networking work most effectively for you - you need that all-important strategy. Read our networking know-how blog to get tips on how to craft a strategy that works for you!

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