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Make your branding work for you - not against you!

At Thrive's Tuesday group, design agency The Creative Armoury always deliver eye-catching examples of their current projects.

Examples that clearly demonstrate the power of their work in branding innovation.

So we asked creative director Lee Turner to give us a quick masterclass on how to make your brand deliver the right results.

Prepare to stand out

"For any business, a strong identity should serve as an iconic shorthand, clearly conveying, with an appropriate level of gravitas your key point of difference in the marketplace," says Lee. "Your logo and your brand expression should be a distillation of what your company stands for and why you are different. By channelling these values, you can begin to communicate in a truly relevant way."

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Thriving together!

Thrive members Joe Lenton and Kate White are proof positive that meaningful networking connections pay off. Introduced through the group, the duo soon hit it off and realised that with Kate's words and Joe's photographs, they could offer the complete package as a team.

"Lorna's message about making strong connections resonated with me," says Kate. "Great stories fly when they've got amazing pictures to go with them. Working with Joe is brilliant, we've managed to place all our PR projects in the local papers so far. It's exciting to see where we can go next."

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