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One of the great values of the Thrive network is the incredible range of skills and expertise amongst our members. In our meetings we like to take the opportunity to share tips to help each other. But if you've never been before, Milee Brambleby from Commonsense Services is ready to talk you through that 'first meeting' panic.

How to combat networking nerves

Going to your first networking meeting can seem daunting. But there are a few simple tricks to putting you at ease for your first Thrive foray.

1 Get happy

I'm naturally very shy so when I am going somewhere new, I spend a moment outside thinking about something that makes me break into a big grin. For me, it's my cat Jasmine's tummy and my little nephew Casper. Find your equivalent and you'll enter the room with a soft face and smiling.

2 Be curious

When you are introduced to someone, ask them to tell you all about what they do. When you ask questions and are genuinely interested in hearing the answers, people respond really well. Thrive is all about building meaningful connections, so take the time to get to know others.

3 Don't get stuck

It's easy to be in a position where you're trapped in a conversation which you need to exit. If it happens to me, I bring in another person - either by introducing them or by noticing a piece of clothing or distinctive characteristic and commenting on it to draw them into the conversation.

4 Forgive yourself

Feeling nerves in a situation like this is totally normal. It's not unreasonable to worry about how people will perceive you, and it's easy to believe it'll be a room full of far more successful and together folk. But the truth is that everyone will have their own worries, and you couldn't find a more relaxed and welcoming atmosphere than Thrive.

Tips on funding your dream life

At Thrive, there are often questions from the room about finances and financial planning. We may not all be brilliant with numbers, but money matters concern us all - especially when thinking about our retirement. In our network, Thrive member Antony Moyes of Moyes Investments works every day to devise strategies to fund his clients' dream lives.

Check out how Antony approaches his financial planning, and a great tip on finding out about your personal state pension here.

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