True or False?

The harder I network the luckier I am!
Is good networking just luck?

Good luck happens to those who have worked for it. Was there something that happened or series of events or something you did that brought you the good luck?
A good referral can happen by chance, but go back and track it. Usually, there was something or someone that caused this good luck, most probably it was something you did or someone you’ve met that brought you the good luck. Sometimes you’ll get some business out of the blue, but make sure that you plan time wisely in your networking and marketing.

The harder I network the luckier I am!

Make sure that you schedule time for 121’s.  By making the effort to meet in person will bring greater depth and help to turn a connection into a business relationship. Business networking is not selling yourself or self-promotion, it is about building and maintaining mutually beneficial relationships.

Is good networking a lot like luck?

Networking is very powerful and important building blocks for any enterprise. Networking can be even more powerful when you plan and have a strategy.  Thrive aim is to generate new business to increase business in a cost effective, relaxed and friendly environment that allows natural friendships to emerge.

Don’t be blind to your networking, be receptive and open-minded, make sure to plan this part of your business.

Lorna Burroughes
Thrive – developing connections for growth

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