Network with the aim of helping other people, not yourself.

People enjoy doing business with those that they know, trust and like. The only way to build that trust is to connect with others in a helpful way. True trust takes a time to build and nurture. Once you’ve developed a relationship and created a tie or connection, then you can move on to asking for help.
What does this mean in practice?

Know factor – what do people know about you? What is your background? What are your interests on a professional and personal level?
Like factor – People don’t come to networking events to be sold to,people like other people who are helpful, kind and not pushy.
Trust factor: there are two kinds of trust.
1.Trust that you are an expert. This part of the trust factor can be strengthened when giving your business spotlight showing that you are good and knowledge in your sector. By giving good and solid answers you will be perceived as the expert. Also by having recommendations from other people describing your professional expertise your Trust factor will increase.
2.Trust that you will behave in a decent way when you get an introduction or referral and deliver a high-quality service.
Are you listening to what people saying?
Take the time to listen to people’s stories and getting to know them as a person as well as a business. You can only provide something of value to them if you listen to who they are and what they do.

Lorna Burroughes
Thrive – developing connections for growth

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