How are you growing your business?

It’s a common chorus we hear in the business world; networking is the key to success, building relationships is crucial, it’s not what you know, but who you know.

But there a lot more to networking than turning up to networking events and dos, shaking hands and exchanging business cards, successful networkers know it goes far beyond this.

Make a real difference in building your relationships, be reliable, trustworthy and authentic and make an effort to get to know each contact personally, remembering details about their lives. When you’ve discovered what existing links you already have with people, build on these. People want to know you on a personal level. Don’t be all business all the time, if you’re passionate about something outside of work, passion surpasses everything…. whenever I’m talking about something that I’m passionate and enthusiastic about, people can relate to that. People can’t help but it’s contagious, and positive… so take advantage of that.

Looking for opportunities to work with new people is another way to forge a common connection and build long-lasting contacts. What is important is that you really get to know your contact, what is their USP or what makes them different from their competitors, what type of customer they are looking for. Perhaps what plans do they have for now or for the future, this is so that you’re able to spot those opportunities for them.

When joining a networking group you’re not only building a new network, and a new skill set, but you’re also showing that team your personality, so take the opportunity to show them that you’re the best authority in your line of work.

To maintain long-term authentic connections and relationships takes time and a bit of work but remembering others is vital and networking becomes the most sustainable when it is fun and I love it!

Lorna Burrroughes

Thrive – developing connections for growth

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