Networking Success

When networking the aim is to achieve results that positively influence your business, yes, the primary reason you’re networking is to get referrals, but you also gain access to professionals in almost every type of business and to do this you need to have set some overall goals for your networking activities, which will undoubtedly open new doors and different pathways for you.

So what kind of goals can you set for your networking?
There are seven general types of goals:
Business people can achieve significantly more together than they can in isolation, a place where you can tap to gain more information and knowledge and one person can’t possibly know everything that’s needed for success. Other people’s knowledge help give you answers and tools to take your business to the next step and the sharing of information is a major benefit to business networking.
One connection leads to another so never presume. The best networkers know it’s not about selling.
“It is not the person who you are sat in front of – they may not be able to afford your services. But they may know many people who can afford and want your services. This is the bit that most people miss when networking. You aim is to connect with their networks, not try to sell to them”. Brad Burton, founder of 4Networking
Make a real difference in building your relationships, be reliable, trustworthy and authentic and make an effort to get to know each contact personally. People want to know you on a personal level. In doing this will pay-back many times over in the form of referrals, resources and sales that you make because of it.
“Your reputation is what influences people to think, feel and talk about you the way they do” Rob Brown author of How to build your reputation.
Sometimes other people’s ideas about your business are going to be the best ones you ever had. Be open to all the possibilities it presents they could give you a different view at the very least.
Your network can help you find the people who know where the better loans are, the best people to sell your product or help find new employees quickly, with less expense.
If you have a small budget for media and advertising, PR, sales promotions, or communications, networking is an excellent way to get your name, product and service out there.
This is the payoff for developing your reputation, seeking out information and sharing ideas. Referrals give a high return on investment because you didn’t have to pay for advertising or direct mail. By building on your reputation and breaking down barriers and you’ll get more referrals. Thrive provides the perfect forum for marketing your business, you’ll be able to build your reputation by shaping the message that you give the business environment.
And of course, referrals are one of the most cost effective ways of getting new customers, about 70% of all new business is found through networking.
Referrals are the most effective, efficiently positive and least expensive way for any company to attract new business.
Lorna Burroughes
Thrive – developing connections for growth

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