Networking rule of thumb, give value to receive value.

Some ideas for your Elevator Pitch
So what do people like to hear?
People like stories.
People like emotions.
People like to hear about success.
Facts tell, stories sell.
People don’t like to hear facts. So if you’re sharing a bunch of facts about your business, yes, you will bore them!
What they do hear about is how you could help them or their contacts.
Share with them a story about how you helped a client recently.

Having told the story – explain how you helped.

  • Did you save them money?
  • Did you increase sales?
  • Did you improve their bottom line?
  • Did you help them increase their efficiency?
Let them know
  • What’s your company or team’s achievements?
  • Who is your competition?
  • What is your competitive advantage?
We hear half of what is said
we listen to half of what we hear
we understand half of that
we believe half of that
and remember only half of that!
People want to feel like their pain is understood so keep that in mind, so know exactly what you bring to the networking table. Be helpful and be an active listener and it will help you and in return ask yourself why would people want to network with you, what do you have to offer? Find those people with whom you have things in common, the people who are genuinely interested in you and your business.
And the final question to ask yourself are you willing to spend time building and nurturing your professional network?
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