The value of trust is non-negotiable?

Just 18% of Britons trust politicians to tell the truth compared to 21% trusting journalists and bankers and 24% who trust estate agents*. Public trust in these people and organisations have been badly shaken and ordinary people feel that they are being made to bear the costs of their follies.
So establishing trust with your connections is key and that’s pretty much time-honoured and ‘old-boy’ networking. Effective business development means trusted advisers, relationship building, the proven value of knowing who shares your ethics and world view.

How can you pay attention to body language, the manner of speaking and tonality other than face to face, this can’t happen over LinkedIn or other social sites. There’s not ever any substitute for a meeting or face time. Trust is the basis. People do business with those they know and trust, but I don’t know how you can build that trust without face-to-face interaction, so not all networking is the same….. I believe that face to face networking like any other marketing exercise, is a great way to build your profile, your brand and gain exposure but the part that’s not really understood by many is not that you get business from those that know, like and trust you, but that they give you business from those that they know when they refer you on.
So I consider that there are the 3V’s that come only with face-to-face networking these are;
Visual Trust that you are who you say you are
VocalTrust that you do what you say you’ll do
and VerbalTrust that you’re in it for more than yourself
Thrive Networking – developing your connections for growth
*Ipsos MORI poll February 2013.

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