Throw a mix of birdies, irons and strangers together, and you have a day of networking bliss.

Throw a mix of birdies, irons and strangers together, and you have a day of networking bliss and that’s what we had recently at our Thrive Golf Day.

Business and golf have always unofficially gone hand in hand with relationship building on the golf course. The qualities that people value in the business arena (confidence, self-assuredness, composure, etc.) should be displayed on the golf course, regardless of the number on your scorecard. That’s why golf, a four-hour (or more) adventure through greens, fairways, bunkers, and other hazards, remains one of the greatest ways to build and maintain solid business relationships.
Golf is a game that involves a lot of downtime so it gives the opportunity for quality conversation and plenty of it, talking about your business, your last holiday, just talking. Learning about your playing partners and using the time to build the trust that is vital if a business relationship is going to happen. Take advantage! You don’t have to be a good golfer to make a good impression.
How you carry yourself while you play is far more important than how well you actually play. I think it’s about having fun and making sure that everyone you are playing with is having a good time and then you start to build a relationship with others. That’s why old Tom Morris came up with the etiquette to get along with one another—where you stand, not talking and watching others ball flight if they lose it. Play the game with the honesty and fairness it was designed with, this all goes hand-in-hand with those we want to do business with. Loyalty goes a long way, so starting with a game of golf by building trust and connections with potential clients or partners is an essential ingredient in the recipe for business success.
At Thrive we understand exactly why and how friendships and business relationships are built. The key is to network with those who have a shared interest and rapport. That way, networking can be pleasurable, productive and self-sustaining. “It’s not what you know, but who you know,” and simply put, a golf course is a great place to get to know someone. Forming a relationship, even a business relationship, takes time. Networking in a golfing environment can substantially increase the likelihood of a positive outcome. And when you shake hands after the final putt on the 18th, it might signal the end of a round but it may just be the start of the most valuable piece of business you ever do.
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