Why do so many struggle when it comes to getting new business?

Networking is considered one of the most cost-effective and powerful ways to generate new business and it’s no secret that making connections and good quality contacts are among the way that top business leaders acquire new leads and sales, then why do so many business people struggle when it comes to making connections and networking?
Generating more referrals starts with building relationships and finding relevant business partners for your work, but not all networking is the same, referrals don’t simply come to you because you have a good product or service (unfortunately); they come because you have worked, and planned, and networked with the right people. So how do you become the front of mind, and make it easy for others refer you?
I believe that word–of–mouth and generating a buzz is good for businesses. Most people conceive that you need to become a well–respected and established a presence in the marketplace before people start talking about you, I don’t agree – you don’t need to become an influencer, you just need to connect with the right people. If you want to generate referrals naturally one way is to give people something to talk about. If you provide a product, service, or after-service that is extraordinary, that will make people talk…they will.
  • Consider whether if your product or service is shareable?
  • Use positive language, be enthusiastic and see the good in people.
  • Give them something (good) to talk about.
  • Have a positive story of how you’ve solved someone problem so that they have a reason to share it with others.
  • Ensure that you deliver what you promise when you promise and that you actually deliver value to your clients.
  • Demonstrate that you willing to go that extra mile for your customers or clients.
This is what leads to referrals or word-of-mouth business, so if you can get people talking about your products, services, and ideas — and more importantly, referring potential customers to you — then you will grow your bottom line significantly.
Networking like any other marketing tool is a great way to build your profile, your brand and gain exposure but you need to be referable and effective business development means building your trusted contact base, with those you have made a friendship supported on the foundation of respect. Building quality relationships is just about the most powerful thing you can do to place yourself for success and when you nurture your relationships with authentic and good intentions, people will unconditionally want to give back to you. Karma – what goes around comes around. It is so much easier to advocate for someone else, you can talk about your friend’s positive attributes and not feel the least bit embarrassed.
Because of the positive outcome of referrals, there is a whole plan of action or system that is focused on referral marketing. Once you develop excellent networking skills (and that means you need to learn how to do more than show up for a network meeting, say your name and give out your business card), you will find that you will get new referrals on an ongoing basis … but you also need to give referrals to get them.

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