98% of businesses rely on word of mouth to gain new business

Business life has always been about connections and the best business leaders spend decades building and cultivating relationships. So having a strong network will be one of the best tools a businessperson can have and one of their most valuable assets, of course we all cherish our networks and are naturally cautious about jeopardising them.
So Thrive is about establishing relationships and trust.  Recommendation about you to others will only happen when you have built a relationship with someone and they trust you – both on a personal and professional level. It takes a time to build such a relationship and, like any relationship of value, you have to work at it.

Thrive is about building and growing you a strong contact network, we meet for the primary purpose of making connections for growth. The only people who are going to make referrals for you consistently are people who know you and trust you, your friends, associates, customers, clients, and family members. Strangers are not going to consistently give you business. Our Thrive networking meetings are structured for you to start spending time with the right people in structured professional environments.
How can I get the most out of networking?  The main thing to remember is that you are not trying to sell to the person you are talking with, rather you are giving them sufficient information to be able to pass on to their sphere of contacts and you are building a positive relationship with them.  Those who have a clear goal are much more likely to know how to prepare for networking. With a set purpose, you will be able to target your ideal contacts and better prepare for networking opportunities.

Be generous and be prepared to give rather than receive, it’s surprising how much comes back when you do that.


Thrive Networking – developing your connections for growth

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