Caring for you and your business

We want the best for you and your business, so Thrive is structured to develop 121 appointments or meetings, which allows you to fast track business possibilities and opportunities.

So something to think about…

When marketing your business by word of mouth, there is a place to start before you meet with the people in your network. You begin by preparing answers to some basic questions about yourself and your business like:

1. Why are you in business?
2. What do you sell or what do you do?
3. Who are your customers or who is your target audience and
4. What makes you special?

The ability to communicate this information to your fellow BforB member will be invaluable as you begin to build your network and formulate your plan to gain more and more business the most effective way–through referrals.

The 121 meeting

Allow 1 hour – 20 minutes each, 20 minutes wrap up

Keep your objectives clear – so both of you to come away from the meeting:
Knowing more about the other person – their history, interests, family & friends – so that you are more comfortable passing them referrals.
Knowing more about the other person’s business – so that you are better able to spot opportunities to pass them referrals. Thrive’s goal is to find people who are good at what they do, it makes it easier to refer them.

Prepare what you need to explain to the other person:
What you do
Your unique selling proposition
Your referral hooks
Your ideal referral

Prepare questions that will help you find out the same about the other person.
Have a (mental or written) agenda that cover the above points.
Your objective is that you can refer with confidence because you know all about other members’ business, but more than that, you know them personally.

We encourage regular 121 meetings so that you can get to know your fellow Thrive member really well, because networking for business is about the long-term, it is about building relationships, establishing trust and allowing people to know and understand the product or service you offer.

Thrive Networking – developing your connections for growth

If you want to keep up to date with networking hints and tips or would like to find out more about how to make business connections and networking in Norwich and Norfolk, please email enquiries@thrive.buzz or ring us on 01603 597727