It’s not how big it is!

I was educated with the saying ‘that turnover is vanity and profit is sanity’ and I believe that this is true when it comes to the size of your networking group, to me results rather than size, is an indicator of a good network.

Your networking return on Investment should be judged on the income you generate and how should you measure this? And why are events, cards, contacts, meetings and shared drinks unreliable measures?

Business networking is not a numbers game, by collecting contacts and having meetings with shared drinks is an unreliable measure and undertaking these activities do not necessarily lead to income. Networking is about people and you can’t or at least shouldn’t try to control them.
Networking is about motivating people to help you because they want to. Stop thinking of networking as finding referrals and think about it as making personal contacts and building relationships, it’s this sort of networking that opens new doors. And when your contacts network on your behalf and makes profitable introductions for you….
That’s good networking
Meeting new people is vital but they have to be the right people. So when your contact knows what to say and they think of you and your business when making a connection for you and when the leads you are getting is helping your business grow, this happens when you get involved in a group made up of good people, you know, like and trust….
That’s good networking
When your network explores ways helping each other that lead to other opportunities and cross marketing prospects with other businesses, that you can collaborate with, when dynamic duos are established, business partners come together, friendships form, the benefits are limitless and they all begin with you….
That’s good networking
By talking to people and making good connections undoubtedly breed more good connections, as networking for entrepreneurs is about finding ways to work together, with cooperation and collaboration and the more diverse your network is the better, track down people you would love to work with and start sharing your ideas….
That’s good networking
There’s the old saying: It’s not what you know but who you know, but with networking: It’s not who you know, it’s who knows you! And when your contacts greet you by your first name and is happy to give you time and that one person that has made a valuable introduction for you….
That’s good networking
When the people you meet and the friendships you establish lead you to endless opportunities beyond merely opening doors and creates doors that might not have before existed. By protecting and nurturing all the contacts and relationships you have built, is not only good for you, but it makes your group more enjoyable to be a part of….
That’s good networking
These are some of my tips for getting great results from your networking activities. I believe that when I first went business networking I made every mistake going and really disliked networking a passion but I was being paid by my employers to be there, so being quite a determined person I found a way around this (and learned the hard way by making many mistakes) so eventually created a way to network that suited me and my business ethos that helped me to achieve my goals and discovered that networking is really about people. I like people and finding out more about the people I meet, it’s fun, rewarding and interesting too.

“Succeeding in business is all about making connections” – Richard Branson

Lorna Burroughes

Thrive – developing connections for growth

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