Does size matter?

Many people seem to think that networking for their business is all about meeting lots of people. Do you seriously believe that barely getting to know loads of different people will mysteriously produce sales?


We’ve all been to the networking event in a room full of 100’s of people, the breakfast meeting with large tables of 10’s people and no doubt you’ve attend other events with just a handful of people….but have you looked back over these events and asked yourself of these events which have you had a proper and meaningful conversation with? Which event has helped you grow your business?


Networking is not purely a numbers game – I heard people say there’s nobody new here, when they’ve checked through the delegates list, whisked around the room and leave within 30 minutes…. this is the very reason that networking doesn’t work for them. Networking is not merely a numbers game. People know the difference between a genuine connection with someone and individuals who are trying to connect for their own benefit.


Try developing connections for growth strategy, instead of networking with 50 people per month, build 50 relationships in a year and concentrate and build on these people who can help you succeed. Think about the successful people you know, they don’t network, they don’t sell, they have relationships, genuine connections with people. You need a small number of good, strong, close, ongoing relationships and a larger number of acquaintances. You need to get to know the person, their interests, passions and challenges as you get to know those things, you build trust.


It’s a fact that most of our best interactions are with a small number of people, making closer ties, these are the people who we’ve taken the time to build and develop the relationship with, to get to know, like and trust and it’s with these people that you have the stronger bonds and get things done.

I am a firm believer in networking being a long term strategy of building relationships and trust, from this trust comes opportunity. Spend your networking time productively, helping, supporting and uncovering opportunities for each other.


Lorna Burroughes

Thrive – developing connections for growth

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