It’s not about you!

Thanks to technology, new contacts are only a click away, but if you are starting up a new business or taking your business to the next level, developing actual contacts and new business leads can be the most daunting aspect of growing a business.

Networking has become an essential professional skill and skills of connections and collaborations are essential for real success and require advanced face-to-face relationship-building abilities.   So how do you go about growing your face-to-face network? 
It’s not about you!
  • Put some time aside each week and make the effort to develop professional relationships, which in turn builds goodwill, credibility and trust
  • Have a positive, supportive and reliable attitude
  • Actively try to give quality contributions and make relevant introductions to your contacts
  • Share knowledge and demonstrate that you are the authority in your sector – become the ‘go to’ person
  • Be open, transparent and truthful with your network
  • Be creative and open-minded, complex problems cannot be solved alone
  • And finally most importantly be yourself and be genuine
Choose you alliances or your network carefully. Forget awkwardly exchanging business cards with strangers – that’s a waste of your time and resources, it’s better to focus on a small number of key relationships.
Unfortunately, some people start networking by looking for immediate gains…. that is, quick wins for themselves. If this is what you are trying to achieve, you are networking for the wrong reasons.  Some may feel uncomfortable, with the idea that you are using other people for your own gains but many of us do not appreciate the value we have to offer others. Think of it as you are simply making and nurturing connections, it’s a mutual state of affairs, but significantly the need to help others must be unquestionable.
Networking is about mutual respect, making connections with those that you want to get to know better. To get the most out of your networking experience, you need to build a relationship with people who you want to have contact with, not everyone will be able to help you, nor will you be able to help them, business opportunities may appear to be out of your reach initially, nevertheless, these opportunities can be achieved through good networking.
Thrive – developing connections for growth

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