Thrive Christmas Lunch

December can be a tough time as a business owner, as often work slows down and it is hard to keep motivated on your business. Add to this all your friends out celebrating Christmas with the rest of the office and it sometimes can feel like all work and no play so again we will be holding our Thrive Christmas festivities.

Christmas is the one time of year you’re more likely to be social and get into conversations with other people – this is where true networking takes place, and we want you to see this as not as a business interruption, but as a superb time of year for you to expand your networks.  Thrive Networking effectively creates a third party synergy which presents opportunities that will grow your number of professional contacts who refer their clients, patients, customers, associates, friends, and relatives to you.
Sometimes when I speak to new business owners they find the prospect of business networking a little daunting and feel it is going to be really boring and stuffy but not so our Thrive Christmas Festive Lunch. Networking has proven to be a very effective way to increase word of mouth advertising.  It is a fact that sales people get 80-90% of their business through networking organisations.
It is a really great marketing technique to raise your local profile and promote your new business. So I say find the type of networking that you enjoy being part of, and you will find it a much more beneficial and enjoyable experience.
Onwards and upwards 
We have some exciting plans for the New Year that will increase your contacts, turnover and reputation.

Thrive – developing your connections for growth

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