Oliver Marchant – Thrive’s Newest Recruit

Developing in future talent is key to any company so we were delighted to recruit Oliver Marchant as Thrive’s new apprentice. With Ollie on board, Thrive is able to explore new and exciting opportunities – and enhance our selection of member benefits. So we took five minutes out of his busy schedule to find out how Ollie’s finding his new role…

Thrive: Hi Ollie, what have your first few weeks of full-time Thrive-ing been like?
Ollie: It’s been a good experience and far better than sixth form. I really enjoy learning and earning, meeting new people and networking.

Thrive: What’s been the most exciting part of the job so far?
Ollie: That’s a no-brainer – moving into the Enterprise Centre! I’ve been raised by a dad who works for a conservation charity and a mum who lays hedges and taught environmental science, so keeping it green and moving into Britain’s greenest workplace was a really exciting day for me.

Thrive: Are you learning your own networking skills as you go along?
Ollie: I’ve found networking really easy to pick up, I was worried it would involve forced and false business talk but at Thrive it’s not like that. You just have to smile, be polite and have a genuine interest in what people are talking about, which I generally have anyway.

Thrive: What’s been your proudest contribution to Thrive to date?
Ollie: Probably writing the social events pages on the website. I didn’t ever think I’d be able to write html and get a page to look as good as I managed to. I’m really proud of how they came out, especially seeing as I’ve had no training in writing code.

Thrive: How are you finding working at the Enterprise Centre? What’s the atmosphere like?
Ollie: The atmosphere is really good. The huge windows are my favourite bit as I really like all the natural light, and it’s good to be able to get away from the desk and walk round Earlham Park when I can. The vacuum kettle which keeps the water hot for hours is great as well.

Thrive: What do you like to do outside of work?
Ollie: Music. I can’t play any instruments (I wish I could) but I’ll listen to it for hours on end. All sorts of genres too, classical (Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake is my favourite), rap, heavy metal and many other things in between. You name it I’ve probably got it. I eat a lot outside of work too, probably a bit too much – it’ll catch up with me one day!

Thrive: What are your ambitions – work and personal?
Ollie: Well at the moment my ambitions at work are to complete this apprenticeship, get my qualification and then carry on with Lorna to complete a level 5 qualification. I’d also like to start up my own networking group for people my age in business apprenticeships.
Outside of work, I’d love to see the world. I’d really like to go to Barcelona to see the architecture Iceland for the Northern Lights or Paris for the Louvre (and cheese and wine of course). If you want an unrealistic dream of mine it’d definitely be performing at a festival like Glastonbury or Reading. You never know!

Interviewed by Kate White
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