Summer networking tips

There’s a common misconception that people aren’t interested in networking over the summer. People may be less interested in serious, results-oriented networking, but it is essential that you don’t slacken off over the summer months, yes take a holiday, get outside and enjoy the good weather, but use this time to get ahead of the game.

But just because people are more relaxed doesn’t mean they don’t want to meet new people! Summer is a great time to meet new people, the fact that people are more relaxed and we more likely to see people in a social setting actually gives you a great networking advantage, as this setting definitely lends itself to building relationships.

Networking is not about selling it’s about creating relationships that you build on gradually. So stay relaxed and be authentic, and you’re likely to make some of your best connections during the summer.

While some events tend to be more fun and attract a larger crowd, there’s also a downside, many attendees may be more interested in the ambiance and open bar than meeting new people but if you’re serious about networking, here are a few ideas to help.

Don’t have more than a couple drinks. It’s a party, but it’s not YOUR party. Impressions count, so make the right one.

Don’t force your networking agenda to a disinterested crowd, you will get known for the wrong reasons.

Don’t be too pushy in your networking attempts, people are there to enjoy themselves and might want to forget about work.

Do ask questions, this is the best way to build a relationship and to really get to know the person. Your goal is to be a person worth knowing and being an introducer to others, if you use the summer slow time to develop relationships, this undoubtedly will pay off in the long run.

Do use these introductions as a leader for future meetings. You don’t want to “end” the conversation at the party, be open and suggest a follow-up. You want to be able to connect with the person after the party, make time for a one-to-one.

Do be selective about which events you attend, that being said, if an event simply looks like fun, by all means, attend, even if you’re not making connections that might be of benefit to you at the moment, summer networking events can be a great place to make new friends!

Lorna Burroughes
Thrive – developing connections for growth

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