How to business network to a higher quality and our Thrive tips for building a seriously tight network

Most of us don’t spend much time thinking about our network, it’s just something we do, this is the same with those you are networking with. What are they thinking about? Most likely it’s not you. 

Many people still think of networking as ‘how others can help me’. So here is what we think is the foremost secret of all influential networker…they know networking is not about what others can do for them…it’s “discovering what they can do for others” and then this makes them more memorable and not forgotten so easily.

Our top tip is to make time for face-to-face networking, contrary as it might seem, committing the time to build a network actually saves you time, it helps you make a connection to the right people.

When it is said that 66% of people get their lucky breaks through networking, it doesn’t mean that two-thirds of these people were handed this because they just happened to know someone. It means someone helped them get noticed and in front of the right person.

A good network gives you:
Access to new information
Access to new people and their networks
Access to people higher up “the food chain” than you may normally come into contact with

Not only do people do business with those they know well, trust and like, but people recommend people they know well, trust and like.

Lorna Burroughes
Thrive, developing your connections for growth.

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