Is growing a successful business a puzzle for you?

Growing a ‘thriving’ business requires you branching out to find new contacts, including partners to collaborate with, along with clients and customers to sell to. We all at times need a little help and guidance opening specific doors, with networking key to making this possible. Networking should not be sly and devious, treated as an unscrupulous strategy that takes advantage of others’ talents, rather, we should embrace networking as a creative skill of relationship-building and treat it as the precious resource which it is.

Be as organized and methodical with networking as you would with any other endeavor for your business and make sure that you include networking into your business budget.

Define your ideal connections
Identify networking groups with key people who have good contacts that match your target market, there’s no need to cast the net far and wide.

Be specific about who you want to meet
Figure out who you want to meet. You’re investing your time, do it wisely and always choose the people who you want to network with, don’t waste time on networking with anyone and everyone.

The quality of the contacts you make at each event. If it’s not worth it, move on and find a networking event or group that is.

You are not the only one trying to build your business and make new contacts. I have found that it is often the introductions you make for other people that come back around and help you in the long run. Quite simply, the more you give networking, the more you will find yourself getting as well, but I’m sure you have your own strategies, I’d be interested to know how they work for you?

Lorna Burroughes
Thrive – developing your connections for growth


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