Missing Networking Ingredient: Are you sharing with your network what you need?

Building a tight-knit network helps get you and your products or services get noticed by the right people in the right place, but keeping your network informed is just as important as having great people in that network, if not more important. 

Having a small and trusted group of contacts who can provide value to each other is crucial when it comes to helping each other or making important decisions in specialised areas. With a smaller and more focused event, you have the opportunity to share what you’re struggling with, so keeping your network up to date should never feel forced or awkward. Before you can ask your contacts to help you need to have a clear picture of how they can help.

Be clear about your niche
Ask yourself
Who is my target market?
Who are my ideal networking introductions?
Who are my best prospects?
How well do I stand out from my competition – how am I or how is my brand different?
What types of people or business or which specific people do I need to make contact with?

Have a clear sense of what you have to offer and make a plan, without a strategic plan for your business networking you’re not only wasting your time but theirs. We all only have so many hours in the day to build and nurture your professional relationships, so purposely build a tight-knit network that is able to provide value to each other, one which complements your needs and skills. Having a successful network, which is a thoughtfully constructed of people who you know, like and trust, is better than having a larger group of superficial connections.

Take a strategic approach to networking.
Spend time working on your network
Be proactive
Be a giver not just a taker
Protect people in your network, protect your contacts fiercely.
Put in more than you get out of your network and you will soon start to enjoy the benefits.
Don’t neglect your network
Don’t take the people within your network for granted

If you are part of a network and all you do is take, take, take, people will soon grow weary of you. To be a valued member of any network you need to give more than you receive.

Lorna Burroughes
Thrive – developing your connections for growth

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