Networking: my not-so-secret weapon

Before I started my own business, the very thought of networking made me pull a face – and it was not a pretty one. This face was the result of hearing one too many corporate presentations and spending agonising hours having strained small talk over a prawn vol-au-vent. These experiences were the very opposite of inspiring. 

But that was before I decided to completely change my life. In 2015, I jacked in a very nice job that I’d had for eight years at a national magazine to start my own copywriting and PR business – Front Page Media UK, in Norwich. As this journey began, I was amazed to discover that Norwich hadn’t been patiently waiting for me to return from my eighteen-year adventure amongst the not-so-giddy lights of London Town and there wasn’t a stream of customers queuing outside my door. What is a woefully underprepared woman to do?

Thankfully, as is the case for many of my life experiences, my dad had the answer. He asked me (translation: hassled me relentlessly until I said yes) to attend his networking group and begin connecting with business people in the city. My first Thrive meeting saw me fall back on all my best small talk (‘I used to watch soaps for a living. Yes, I have interviewed Phil Mitchell’) but thank goodness, the group didn’t hold it against me. Instead, they welcomed me in, gave me a massive boost of confidence and started sharing their wisdom. I’m extremely grateful I found them.

I’ve been attending Thrive meetings for over a year now, and I can honestly say that the connections I’ve made in those two groups have been invaluable. Not only have I got work out of it, but I’ve also received the sort of advice that I really needed from people I trust – as well as a chance to have lively and fun conversations, a rare commodity when you work from home. But most importantly for me, I’ve learned so much from the speakers who have come in to share their wisdom. It’s opened my mind, and I’ve taken their tips and done my own research. All of this has led me to greater knowledge, success and healthy personal development.

So for those who pulled a face when they read my headline, fear not. Networking is what you make it, and you gain much more than just business from making strong connections with people in different industries and with different takes on the world. All you need to do is rearrange your face and walk through that door.

Kate White

Front Page Media UK

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