How do you meet with people who want you to succeed?

I am on a mission to get people thinking about networking differently. Why? Because many people totally write off networking as not for them, they see it as a pushy sales technique that they’d rather have no part in. This could be true of some networking, I often hear that I the phrase “I don’t need to network” or “I tried — once and hated the experience, it wasn’t for me”.

This negative attitude about networking affects the time and effort we put into it, and ultimately, the return we get on our investment. Those people who think that networking doesn’t work are usually looking for the quick wins and the immediate gains. Those who tried it once and found it pushy and a little sleazy, they’re mixing with the wrong people, these are the people that give networking a bad and negative reputation.

I’ve been networking for many years and considered myself as not very good at networking as I’d really disliked the ‘80 and 90’s’ yuppie way of networking it which is based on ‘take’, this is totally alien to me and my nature.  Now for me, networking I believe should be the word you use when you grow and nurture your contacts and business relationships at a time when you need to take nothing, at a time when you have something to offer and add value to, being thoughtful about your contacts, making purposeful and helpful connections to strengthen your relationships, this will have a greater impact on your business.

Call it a personal quest, my attempt to rewire the way people regard “networking.” Why? because “networking” has become synonymous with selfishness, I believe it’s about selflessness. Everyone we speak to can be a valuable contact and as the saying goes ‘you never know who knows who’ and this also goes further you don’t know what journey they are on or where they’ve started from.  To answer my above question,  ‘How do you meet people who want you to succeed?’ It’s networking with a positive mindset that has given me an impressive list of people for whom I have created opportunities, and who have done the same for me.

Lorna Burroughes

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