Do you stand out from the crowd?

People can sometimes lose sight of the fact that networking is the means and not the end of their business-building and marketing activities. They desperately attend as many networking events as they can, frantically trying to pitch for new business. The unsurprising result is that they stay so busy meeting new people that they never have time to build and nurture those relationships, do they honestly expect to get new business from someone they’ve only just met?

So why is it that most successful business owners are well extremely connected?

They deliberately make good business and diverse contacts building a habit! They know that they must invest time for this, they build relationships with useful contacts in advance and allowing themselves time to build a good two-way relationship and then they are in a position to choose who they do business with. They figure out their future priorities and challenges and deliberately build a valuable network of good people — before they need them. As a result, they have people they can go to for advice or assistance in any area of their business.

Frequently, small business owners focus on numbers, not value. Often they attend networking groups and connect with other business owners who are only in that same networking group because they too are struggling. So aspiring entrepreneurs must learn to build and use strategic networks with a diverse range of people. They must also accept that networking is one of the most important requirements of their business and continue to allocate enough time and effort to see it pay off.

It takes a while to reap the benefits of networking, so stick to it.

When first efforts do not bring quick rewards, some may simply conclude that networking isn’t among their talents. But networking is not a talent; nor does it require an outgoing or extroverted personality. It’s a skill based on a genuine desire to help others, like most skills, this needs practice but the most important skill you need is to be yourself, be authentic and enjoy.

A network lives and thrives only when it is used.

Networking isn’t about closing business deals or meeting hordes of new people; it’s about developing relationships in which future business can be taken to the next level. Once you understand that and put it into practice, you’ll notice a few things happening to your business. Mainly and importantly, you’ll stand out from the crowd!

So what’s networking? It allows you to connect with people with whom you want to do business with and the most successful people in business are extremely well connected.

Lorna Burroughes

Thrive – developing connections for growth

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