Done right, networking builds trust, an important element for success in business

It’s my belief that the most successful people are the usually the best connected, this isn’t because they have the best contacts or are known more people but they instinctively know how to build develop and nurture their connections.

When we hear the term networking what often comes to mind is the actual event, the 60-second pitch.  Networking is not about the event,  it’s about collaborating and it’s about supporting each other, we can all achieve more collectively than we can on our own and it’s done with  good quality connections and contacts.

The definition of networking is;

Networking (the noun) the process of meeting and talking to a lot of people, especially in order to get information that can help you.

Networking (the verb) a group of people or organizations that are closely connected and that work with each other.

Networking is still treated as a skill, but I believe that it should be treated as a core business strategy.  With more demands on budgets, it can be harder to win new business, so I would suggest that it’s important we network properly.

There are many preconceptions about networking, people often look at event list and look through it and decided that the people a) can be too small or b) not the people they’re looking for.

It’s wrong to view people as targets and selling to them this is a wrong assumption it’s all about building a good long-term relationship and selling through them to their own trusted contacts.

With growing competition and more demands on budgets, it’s becoming harder and harder to win new business. Yet still so many people still leave potential new revenues untapped and unexplored. So don’t be complacent when it comes to winning new business, by waiting and hoping for new leads and contacts to appear, take action.

My tip is make good quality connections and put the focus on what people can bring to your business that is not necessarily financial, there’s the support; the experiences that other people can lend to you; those who have  different experiences to you different gender, age, different range of industries and business activities.

Many friendships have formed as a result of networking because generally, we are like-minded who all want to grow our businesses, by meeting and supporting each other regularly, naturally strong friendships tend to form.

Lorna Burroughes

Thrive developing your connections for growth

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