January is just too late!

I happened to overhear what I think is some of the best advice I’ve heard about making your way in the business world. “No one is going to plan or manage your networking for you, so you need to”.

When I was chatting recently to one more ‘seasoned’ networker we agreed that now is the time to plan for the New Year’s networking as January is just too late, many wait until the New year to start their planning. So I would suggest that you look back now over your results for this year, ask yourself: What were your biggest successes and how can you have more of them? What areas need improvement and what will you do differently in 2017?

Plan your networking and how do you do this?  First questions to ask yourself;

  1. What are the plans and goals for you or your organisation? Having clearly identified goals will keep you and your efforts on track.
  2. Who is your top target markets?  Know exactly break them down into easy-to-identify markets or sectors, be specific and prioritise them.
  3. Are you meeting the right people in the right places?
  4. Are there any additional resources you need to accomplish your goals in 2017? Some examples of these resources might be additional staffing, new technologies, or marketing materials.
    • Having a plan outlining how you will achieve those goals should identify your networking needs and interest.
    • Review and revise your networking strategy and keep track of what you’ve accomplished.

Thrive tips, for when you are out, networking.

  • Make a positive and confident impression.
  • Find your own authentic networking style, approach, and voice.
  • Become interested in others and then they’ll be interested in you.
  • Create rapport, respect and build connections.
  • Follow-up, develop links, build friendships and new partnerships and this will create new opportunities.

It will also help you carry out your networking effectively, authentically, with integrity, networking will help you build rich relationships and connections, win new customers, find new leads and opportunities by being clear and confident.

So what is networking and what are the systems and processes you will use to measure your results?  It’s quite simple really but do not wait as many do for the new year to begin; start now, time is needed to develop and implement an effective action plan for your networking.

Lorna Burroughes

Thrive – developing your connections for growth
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