In a galaxy far, far away, David is pulling white rabbits out of the hat!

We live in a digital age and those talented people working on the cutting edge of technology are leading the way. In our Thrive community, we often talk about how to use technology to help us work smarter, build our profile online and find innovative ways to speed up our systems and processes. So it’s great to have tech wizards like software developer David Robertson in our trusted network. Here David explains what his company Jader Ltd offers customers and why his company name originated in a galaxy far, far away.

Hi David, can you tell us more about your business?

Jader Ltd is a software house where I write software solutions essentially using Microsoft technologies. I often say to my customers that our mission is their success! The way we achieve this is by writing our own software using these excellent Microsoft solutions, but we can also create bespoke projects for people who need them. As well as writing software, we implement and then maintain it too. If we have an enquiry about a project that will require a larger development base, I bring in my brilliant team in India who will and can help us manage it.

What’s the most satisfying project that you’ve worked on?

I was once tasked to design some telephone call muting software with a very specific requirement. The company needed to be able to record the entire conversation between them and a customer, but not the credit card number that each person used to pay. Working on it was a slow process but with good reason: I had to be really careful to produce this difficult piece of software with no mistakes. There was no room for error and that meant a lot of pressure. To be honest, for a long time I didn’t think I’d be able to do it at all. But one day, I came into work, and managed to pull the metaphorical white rabbit out of the hat! With some white noise here and a Browser Helper Object there, a solution was created. That was a happy day.

What would your best customer say about you?

It’s quite hard to put words into other people’s mouths! But what I can tell you is that the person I consider to be my best customer often worries about what would happen if I retired or stopped doing this work. It’s nice to know that he is so happy with what I supply in the way of a solution that my invoices are paid without question, or maybe one question. Interestingly enough, I did line up a potential replacement for him in case I did move on so he wouldn’t be left high and dry but that person has now gone and I remain!

Why do you like coming to Thrive meetings?

You can be yourself at Thrive, which I like. The people in the room are all very good at what they do and it’s nice to be among businesses like that. I’ve created meaningful connections with people there and I’ve been able to test out some software I’m developing with the help of other Thrive members. For example, Mark Johnstone from Argents Accountants allowed me to come in and demonstrate a piece of accountancy software that I’ve been working on to use within Excel and test it there. It’s valuable to have a relationship of quality with people like Mark.

Finally, can you tell us why your company is called Jader Ltd?

There is a Star Wars connection, obviously. I’m a big fan of the films and Darth Vader, hence Jader! A few years ago, the Government asked you to identify your religious status on the form. I wrote down Jedi as there was some rule that if more than a certain number of people identified as a ‘Jedi’ then it would become an official religion. I know a lot of people did the same thing but sadly so far Jedi hasn’t been given the approved religion status!


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David Robertson – Managing Director, Jader Ltd

Words by Kate White at  Front Page Media