‘Thrive’ is Thriving

A few years ago I had an idea, what I thought was a good idea…. and turned it into a business!  

The idea simply was that all businesses need to market themselves, some businesses have business development managers but some other businesses don’t know how or where to start and so Thrive was born, to create an atmosphere of trust and then build good business relationships, and start networking with friendly, dedicated, driven people – the bottom line is people would rather do business with their friends.

Thrive has assembled a ‘killer team’ that has taken it to a much larger business and I’ve finally been able to enjoy a day off, knowing my ‘Thrive baby’ is in good hands, but it’s still hard learning how to delegate properly and giving up day-to-day control of every detail.

So we’ve amassed quite a diverse collection of business cards and we’ve had to re-order our own business cards many times.

It’s been fun to overhear someone mention ‘Thrive’ as a great networking business while I’ve been out somewhere and tried not to smile.

We’ve made a real effort to establish automated and integrated our systems and processes, so we’ve had tech upgrades, which have evolved to suit our changing circumstances.

…which means we’re kind of low on desks and need to expand our office space, come to think of it, we need a bigger location, so next month we’re moving to our new Thrive office at Oak Lodge Business Centre.

When you are growing your business, there are always new challenges, so I’ve felt excited and scared at the same time…. but it’s been great fun as well.

If you’re interested in networking or would like to try the Thrive way of networking, get in touch with us and book a visitor spot in one of our Thrive groups.  Thrive networking is about making meaningful, lasting connections that lead to great personal relationships.


01603 672712 or email us at enquiries@thrive.buzz


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