Out of sight, out of mind?

Want to Thrive? Be in the room! 

At Thrive, we do things differently – and that means that building trusted connections between our community of professionals. Developing business friendships that generate genuine, valuable leads takes time. That means you need to show up regularly so the people in your group can get to know, like and trust you. Are you ready to become a successful Thriver? 

Get your mindset right 

Before you begin, make sure you understand and embrace the way trusted connection networking operates. Each meeting is your opportunity to deepen the group understanding of who you are and what you do. Building credibility and forming connections takes time, and it also involves you getting to know your fellow members in the same way. 

Three tips for mindset 

  1. Approach each meeting as a chance to display something new about your expertise or share a story about your business.
  2. Don’t expect to get referrals straight away.
  3. Be ready to listen as much as you speak.

Be ready to commit 

To be a successful networker, you need to be proactive. Before you attend, make sure that you understand where this fits within your wider marketing plan, and be clear and direct about what you want to bring to each meeting. If you implement our networking checklist and attend regularly, you will see results. 

Your networking checklist 

–    Who are the businesses or contacts that you need to reach? Be specific. 

–    Find someone in the room you don’t know much about and ask them questions. 

–    Be sure that you explain your work as clearly and concisely as possible. 

–    Who is your ideal client? Make everyone in the group aware of the connections that work best for you. 

–    Be human – at Thrive we promote a relaxed, friendly atmosphere that encourages people to be open and honest about the trials and tribulations of being in business. 

–    If you are unclear or confused about another member’s offer, ask them questions. 

The benefits of regular attendance 

  1. People in the room are more likely to recommend you to their broader network.
  2. You can prove your credibility and expertise.
  3. You’ll have a network of trusted connections you can introduce to your contacts.
  4. Everyone in the room will know who you want to work with, and how best to recommend you and what you do to your ideal customers.

Thrive – together we mean business

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