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What is Thrive? 

What is Thrive – and how will it help me grow my business? 

If you want a one sentence explanation of Thrive, here it is:  

Thrive is a community of business people who form trusted connections with the aim of growing together.  

Of course, reducing the work we do to a sentence won’t adequately convey everything you need to know about us. So, allow us to unpack it and give you a deeper understanding of Thrive – and how we help our members to grow their businesses. 

Thrive is a community 

Our people are the most vital part of Thrive, and they are the reason our community is so strong. Of course, our leaders Lorna, Kay and John, set the tone for how Thrive operates, but the members themselves have helped us shape and realise our approach.  

Thrive is not some quick fix, lead-driven networking operation. Instead, we do things differently.  

We encourage our members to get to know each other properly, so armed with that knowledge they can act as advocates outside our groups. When we meet, each group is a supportive environment where introductions can be requested, connections made, and advice given.  

The Thrive community is strong inside and outside the bi-monthly meetings – so you can simply log on to our Facebook group to ask for any help or advice, or consult our online directory to connect with other members. We are each other’s cheerleaders and champions, celebrating success in the group and helping when times are tough. Just like any other genuine community. 

Our members form trusted connections 

It’s crucial to build strong friendships in business, both outside your industry and inside it too. At Thrive, we encourage our members to get to know each other properly through 1-2-1 meetups where ideas and stories can be shared.  

You’d be amazed by how many collaborations form in the Thrive community: whether it’s a collective of people doing the same work, or a team forged of people delivering compatible services. Those bonds develop in the groups, and the regular attendance of your Thrive meeting is key to getting to know people. 

The idea that you need to give back and reciprocate in business is an ideal that Lorna, John and Kay passionately believe. What’s been great to see is how our members embrace that maxim and have taken it forward. We’re proud of the support and friendship in our groups, and how this behaviour helps to deepen trusted connections between quality business people. 

Thrive members grow together 

At Thrive, the team work hard to discover the target customers for our members and to make introductions that are appropriate.  

Of course, we don’t know everyone in Norfolk (although we cover quite a lot of ground), but that’s where our community comes into its own. Each meeting gives our members the chance to explain the work they are looking for and the people they want to meet. Often, somebody in the room can make the connection or may have a third party who can give an introduction.  

However, none of this would work if the Thrive community didn’t have a reputation for quality. 

Our members are professionals of integrity, talented at what they do and committed to helping each other. Together, they are formidable, and are making a mark on the local business landscape. Being a solopreneur, running a small business, or being in a key role in a larger company presents big challenges. At Thrive, our members and our team do what we can to help you and your business grow. 

If you’d like to come along as a guest to a Thrive meeting please get in touch at, or call 01603 672712. 

Joe Lenton / 9 January 2018

Yes, Thrive is most definitely a community. It is somewhere we you can be yourself and forge meaningful business relationships. You know that recommendations are going to be good because nobody “has to” make referrals. I’ve certainly met many people that have enriched my business journey and some have become collaborating partners that I happily recommend to my own customers. Thrive inspires trust that you’re getting someone good for the job.

Lorna Burroughes
Lorna Burroughes / 12 January 2018

Thanks Joe, what do you think of our new strapline ‘Together We Mean Business’?


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