It’s not magic, make the time.

If at a networking meeting you just tell people what you do and hope that they will remember you when they need your services, Wrong!  So how are you going to make the most of your networking and what steps are you going to take to make your networking work for you?

Networking is not a magic sales dispensing machine where you pay your money and take the sale! It’s all about chances and the opening of new doors, it’s then your choice what you do with the opportunities you’ve been given.

Networking is not a one-off event, as well as planning time in your diary for networking, make time and plan for 121’s and follow-up meetings, choose a good space for you both, somewhere quite that’s on neutral ground.

The real magic of networking and the best chances are found when you deepen those relationships, we at Thrive push the 121’s or the coffee and chats as this is where many people still go wrong!  You don’t sell or pitch, you still need to find out more about them and how you can help them and their business, don’t come in with your sales patter and don’t try to promote your business, if you do you’ll find the shutters come down; Firstly all you need to do is sell yourself and find the commonalities between each other or your respected businesses and for you to both agree to some outcomes for each other or to have another meeting, Woop! Success!

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