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Why business networking collaborations can really pay off

What is your strategy for business networking? Do you go into the room hoping to sell directly to someone, or are you there to make connections with other business people? We know that setting goals is vitally important to successful business networking, but so is a good mindset. Our mission is to help our members get the most out of their Thrive experience, and that starts with opening your mind to the myriad of possibilities at your group.

So, let’s assume that selling to businesses in the room is just one part of your networking plan. At each Thrive meeting, you’ll find a collection of interesting, engaging professionals with skills and expertise that could be useful to you in your work. We don’t have people doing the same work in the same group, but we often have businesses who are in the same field or industry. When they start to forge a meaningful professional relationship and build the trust that is a key part of the Thrive group experience, they often partner up. Through collaboration, these members can win new business and grow together, offering unique and complimentary services as a team.

We’ve seen this happen time and again in the Thrive community, and with different types of businesses. Whether it’s a financial planner collaborating with a will writer, a facilities management specialist working with a fire protection expert, a graphic designer joining forces with a copywriter, or a web developer white labelling a social media expert’s services, these collaborations work.

Here are three steps you can take to form your own collaboration

  1. Think laterally

When you hear the elevator pitches from each person in your group, are you really listening? Consider how their services might work in tandem with yours, are they offering something that you could improve by delivering a bolt-on service, or could you work up a new package to sell based on a combination of your talents?

  1. Have a 1-2-1

We cannot stress enough how important having regular 1-2-1 or catch-ups with your fellow networker. Over a cuppa, you can find out more about the person as well as the job they do and help them fully grasp what you do and why. Even if a collaboration doesn’t happen, both of you are now ready to recommend each other using the right words.

  1. Be clear

If you and your fellow networker have decided to collaborate, be clear about what your expectations are. Get the division of labour, and the percentage you’ll both earn in writing and move forward slowly. It’s a good idea to work out what is your Minimum Viable Product (MVP) you can deliver together is and trial that.

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Lorna Burroughes

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